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Farmhouse - Armoire - medium size

Rs. 49,791.00

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Farmhouse 2 Door, Single Drawer Bookcase

Rs. 33,171.00

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Farmhouse Bookcase

Rs. 32,455.00

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Indian Heritage Bookcase

Rs. 43,199.00

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Multi Door Bookcase with Seating - Right & Left

From Rs. 80.00

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NAU Lighthouse Bookcase (Open)

Rs. 28,099.00

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Nautical Bookcase

Rs. 27,899.00

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Nautical Glass Door Bookcase

Rs. 35,209.00

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NAUTICAL Light house bookcase (Close)

Rs. 31,547.00

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Kids Bookshelf

Books are one’s best friends. Introducing this friend to your kid’s at a tender age can truly make it their friend for life. As they grow, their academic and non-academic books will increase and it will occupy space in their armoire or pile-up in some corner of their bedroom. This makes it important that you invest in a strong and sturdy bookshelf in which they can keep all their books, organized and accessible. Look for kids bookcase and help your kids develop the habit of reading, organising and keeping things at the right place from childhood.

Bookshelves for Kids

Pick a solid wood bookcase furniture for your munchkin and keep their favourite books and other daily necessity items in it. Explore kids bookcase with shelves and compartments to make the most of it and store your kid’s books, toys and showcase their certificates and trophies with ease. You will get options of bookcases with doors, shelves, compartments. There are also glass door bookcases that come useful when you need to store books, trophies, certificates and memorable art and craft work by your little ones. When buying a bookcase for your kiddo it is essential that you analyse the exact requirement. Space and make should be given precedence, so you know where you need to keep the bookcase.

Bookcase Furniture

A piece of bookshelf furniture will be more than just a bookcase in your kid’s room. You can use this functional piece of furniture for stocking-up books, toys and other kid’s stuff. Making it more useful for you and your kids. We at have beautifully designed bookshelves, which come with compartments, drawers, shelves and glass doors. Moreover, our wood bookcases will last for years to come. So, when you decide to buy bookcase online do visit us at to explore many offline options. We have a range of solid wood bookshelves for kids in different designs and colours. From farmhouse to nautical lighthouse design, there is something to match-up to your child’s fantasy. You can also get them in glass or wood door or open shelve design. Visit us at and find the ideal bookcase for kids from the comfort of your home.