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2 Seat Square Table

Rs. 5,099.00

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2 Sliding Door Wardrobe with Loft

Rs. 137,899.00

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3 Door Wardrobe - Gloss Finish

Rs. 108,703.00

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4 Door Armoire with Loft & 2 Bottom Drawers

Rs. 108,779.00

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4 Seat Rectangular Table

Rs. 8,466.00

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Bed with Half Trundle, Storage, Hutch & Gaurds

Rs. 51,211.00

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Castle Bunk Bed with Slide, Trundle & 3 Bookcases

Rs. 224,851.00

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Chair NAU (c)

Rs. 10,435.00

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Convertible Crib with Spindles & Drawer

Rs. 33,928.00

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Kids Room Furniture

When you plan to buy kids room furniture, you need to ensure that it is attractive, multi-purpose and sturdy. Everything in your child’s room should facilitate development, playfulness and creativity. The growth from baby to toddler, kid to adolescent is a delicate and exciting one, so you need to get the choicest of stuff in your kid’s room.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

Make the kids room colourful, relaxing and fun for them. They should like to spend their time in the bedroom especially, if you have their study and play area in it too. Compartmentalize and organize the room, so that it remains a little neat and sorted. The bed should be comfortable and relaxing. Beds for children should be sturdy and solid, but something that they like. Try to make the room around a theme. Select a theme, which your kid likes and get everything in the bedroom around it. An easy and fun way of doings kids room, they are sure to love it too. And if you have two kids, then a bunk bed can be a great addition. Space saving and fun, kids simply love their own space and there will be enough room for easy movement.

Along with bed, there should be ample and proper storage too. A sliding door wardrobe, bookcases, and armoire are essential to store up everything in place. Further, keeping the organization in mind, you can look for a bunk bed with storage or loft bed with storage drawers and under bed desk.

Kids Furniture Online

If you plan to shop for kids furniture set online, then you will get plenty of options at We are an online store, just for kids. Whether you want to design a nursery or toddler bedroom, you can find the best furniture and furnishings at You can get themed furniture for that designer touch to the room or hand-picked single pieces in neutral tones that are suitable for growing children. You can express your creativity and your little one’s taste when you buy childrens bedroom furniture from