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Lightweight Breathable Bamboo Fabric Mattress Protector

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Pink Guppy Kids--6" Pocket Spring mattress - 1

Pink Guppy Super Comfy 6" (inch) Pocket Spring mattress

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Mattress for Kids

Your baby is delicate and needs special care and attention. Everything you choose for your munchkin should be hand-picked and chosen one. While, you may focus on the bed, bedding, curtain and other bedroom accessories, it is equally important that you pay careful heed to the mattress for kids, pillows and cushions in their bedroom. They should be antibacterial, anti-fungal and provide firm support to your little one. At this tender age, their immunity levels are developing, so you can’t take the risk by opting for anything casual. You can drape them with beddings and curtains of your choice, but when it comes to these bedroom basics, don’t compromise on the quality. It is the quality and make that will create the difference.

Mattress & Pillows

The mattress & pillows are the key to a sound sleep. So, you need to pick one for your kid’s bedroom, carefully. The mattress should be a firm one offering a comfortable and good night sleep. You can get options in spring and coir mattress for your kid’s room. Further, to keep your mattress in perfect condition, you can add a mattress protector. This is a must for your kid’s room. They are intuitive little beings on an adventure spree, so instead of stopping them from exploring it is best to take your precautions and let them explore carefree. Like mattress, the pillows and cushions, which you buy for your kid’s room should be comfortable ones. Other than layering and adding that cosy touch, pillows are essential in a good night sleep. So, ensure you get soft and hypoallergenic ones. The same is true for duvet inserts.

Mattress for Sale

Make the most of the online options and make your choice wisely. There are different types of spring mattress, which you can check at You can choose among luxurious, super comfy and ultra-luxurious spring mattress in 10.24, 6 and 10.63 inches range. Likewise, when choosing duvet insert you can get anti-distortion, anti-pilling and anti-static lightweight, hypoallergenic duvet inserts at Made of 3D hollow silicone microfiber they provide a medium to firm support. Our pillow inserts and cushion inserts are also made on the same lines ensuring sound sleep to your bundle of joy. Even those bolster pillow inserts will give your kids the same comfort. Check for the fine quality mattress for kids, kids pillows and mattress protector from and give your little ones a safe and sound sleeping zone. Our well-made inserts and mattress will not only provide a good night sleep but also take care of your little ones from dust and mite.