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Farmhouse Nightstand

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Indian Heritage Nightstand

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Nautical Nightstand

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Seaside Dreams Nightstand

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Bedside Tables

Just the way a bedside table is indispensable in your room, so is the case with your little one. Bedside tables come handy in keeping their stuff like books, water and other essentials, which the child may require from time to time. It is a great way of making them independent by keeping some things within their reach. A functional accent piece you can choose one with a drawer or two or combination of drawer and open shelving.

Night Stands

When you plan to buy nightstands for your kid's room you need to keep in mind a few things.

  • Make & Durability: If you are looking for a long-lasting piece of furniture you should consider the make and durability factor. Prefer a wood nightstand and that too quality wood, which will last for a longer time. Along with solid wood nightstand, you must also consider the hardware quality. Subject to rough use by your little Einstein, a sturdy one is a must.

  • Bold & Beautiful: For some kids, colors don’t matter much. In that scenario, you are free to make your choice. But if your kid has set preferences, then do consider their favorite color before you make the decision. Available in different colors and designs, getting modern nightstands and that too in your kid’s favorite color will not be difficult.

  • Size & Safety: Consider the kind of essentials you will need to stock-up in a nightstand for kids. According to your requirement, you should decide on the size. But when it comes to the height of the nightstand, you must consider your kid’s height. It should be reachable and accessible for them.

  • Along with size, safety must also be considered. You must ensure that the piece has round edges to avoid any untoward incident. Anything sharp, should be strictly avoided in kid’s room.

    Kids Bed Side Tables

    With a kid’s nightstand from, your munchkin can have everything within reach. Store their favourite books, toys and more in this night stand and let them enjoy their independence. They can access all these with ease on their own. We also have theme based night stands so you can synchronize and have one of its kind room for your kid’s. You get option of night stands with drawers and open shelving. You can explore the different colours in various combinations and make your kids room bright, beautiful and a place truly for them.