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Pillows for Kids

As your little baby grows into a toddler, it is time that you will need to get a comfortable pillow or cushion for kids. When you transit your little munchkin from crib to bed, you can think of adding a pillow that time. The ideal age of introducing it is around 18-24 months. Alternatively, once you see the shoulders are wider than the head, you can add a comfy cushion or soft pillow. It will be more comfortable for them instead of a flat mattress. Along with the comfort factor, pillows are a great way of layering-up and decorating the bedroom. They add to the luxury factor.

Cushion Pillow Online

A pillow for kids has to be different from the one that you use. It is because your kids body proportion is different and still in the developing stage. The idea of providing a pillow is to add comfort, so go for one, which is proportionate to your child’s body. Along with size and make, an allergy proof pillow is essential for your toddler. Kids have sensitivities, so you need to go for lightweight, hypoallergenic pillows and cushions, which will not cause any health concerns. It is also important to strike a balance between a firm and soft one. It should not be too soft that your toddler can suffocate nor too firm otherwise it will be uncomfortable. So, striking a balance is essential when you buy pillow online for kid’s room.

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We are for kid’s, we design everything for kids and ensure they are happy and comfortable at all times. This is also ensured in our range of cushions and pillows. Lightweight, hypoallergenic, anti-distortion, anti-pilling, anti-static our kids pillows are super soft. They will add to the comfort and luxury feel in the kid’s room.

Offering both decorative and functional range, you can pick and choose according to your requirement. Available in different sizes and shapes, they can be ideal in giving your kid’s room a decorative touch. Come online, browse through the options at and let your little one choose kids pillows and kids cushions of his or her favourite shape and size. And to add to the charm, make them buy a pillow and cushion cover too and the spark in their eyes will have you contended.