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2 Seat Square Table

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4 Seat Rectangular Table

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Curve Back Chair

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Low Activity Table

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Multicolour Round Table

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Mushroom Table

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Pencil Chair

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Pencil Table

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Study Table for Kids

When your kids start school, it is a good idea to bring a study table for kids at home. An attractive kids study table will make it easy for you to inculcate the habit of doing their homework and assignment while sitting in one place. Moreover, if the study table is attractive for your munchkin, they might start using it on their own and do their homework and other assigned tasks sitting on the favourite table and chair. From an early age, you should introduce table and chairs to kids so they start using it. There are also options of study table with storage, which can come handy in keeping books and toys organised, sorted and accessible.

Kids Table and Chairs

The design and colour of the kids table and chairs can be of their choice but when it comes to the quality you should take the final call. The plastic variety may be more attractive, but it will not be lasting and sturdy. You get options of colourful kids study table and chair in wood make, as well. They can sit and play with their friends, enjoy a cup-cake party or indulge in block building using this table and chairs set. So, create a nice colourful atmosphere for your kids to engage and play.

Kids Study Table

Whether you are looking for a kids study table or kids play table, will be your one-stop shop. You can great a colourful and sturdy variety in different shapes and designs. We have two or four seat square and rectangular tables and colourful curve chairs that will mesmerise your kids. There are also low activity table options with storage. You can keep their toys and books handy in this storage space and your little ones and play them comfortably. Likewise, there are also tables and chairs in mushroom, pencil and multicolour designs to attract your little ones at the first sight. Sturdy and solid, we take care of quality, like no one else does. So, your baby or toddler is safe and secure when using fine furniture from