Pink Guppy Luxurious 10.24" (inch) Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress

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Conveniently rolled and packaged with wheels!


TOP (QUILTING) Fabric: Brocade Fabric
High Loft Dacron 2000g
1cm Soft Foam (20kg/ m3)
1.5cm Soft Foam (20kg/ m3)
Nonwoven Fabric 20g
LAYER 3.5cm Convoluted Foam (20kg/ m3)
FELT White Felt Liner 400g
SPRING Pocket Spring, Height 18cm, Wire Gauge: 2.0mm, with 2.2mm Around
FELT Felt Liner 400g
BOTTOM (QUILTING) Nonwoven Fabric 20g
SIDE Knitted Fabric + 1cm Soft Foam (20kg/ m3)
Nonwoven Fabric 20g

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